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Perform Haj

As most of us know, the origin of the Haj, the Fifth Pillar of lslam, dates back to the Prophet lbrahim (AS) and brings together Muslims of all races and tongues to get into two simple white clothes and impressive display of lslam. (Known as Ahram) Haj is performed only once in a year in the islamic month of zilhijja.

Each year millions of people make the pilgrimage, making it the largest gathering on the globe. It is and act of true worship and one of the central elements of the Muslim Life. Haj is a very important duty (farz) for all Muslims physically and financially able to perform it.

Many people go to Haj every year without even knowing the restrictions, duties and qualities of many actions we perform in the Haj season. It is extremely critical and important that the person who intends to perform Haj should learn the basics of this act of worship including the compulsory actions and what makes Haj unacceptable and what should be done in case there is a chance to reimbuse for mistakes.

There are many people who perform Haj and it will be accepted from them by Allah, but there are others who do not just perform Haj as a duty and leave. But they also cease this great opportunity to get a lot of reward from Allah. And the best way to get reward is by following the best pilgrim and the best worshipper of Allah.

Perform Umrah

As we know, Umarah is one of the most beloved acts of worships in the eyes of the Allah. Shortly after the Haj season comes to an end, the seasom of Umrah Opens up to the world to visit the blessed land of Saudi Arabia; and in particular the house of Allah knowns as
Masjid-Al-Haraam in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

As Muslims, we should make sacrifices from our lives in order to fulfill such a reward- Filling task (Umrah) as much as we can in hopes that Allah forgives our past sins and makes us pure believers and good-hearted people.

Al Habbeb Tours understands that such sacrifices require great patience and determination in order to complete the beloved act of Umrah. That is why we are committed to providing Muslims the proper information they need to know in order to be well-acquainted with the various tasks involved.

As a leading Haj and Umrah tours provider, Al Habeeb Tours allows you to choose the Appropriate Umrah Plan which suits your needs for various options such as price, hotel ratings, length of trip, departure dates, and much more.

Perform Ziarat Tour

• Iraq
• jordan
• Syria
• Plastine & Baitul

Perform Urs Ajmer Shareef

It is performed only once in the year in the lslamic month of Rajjab.
Ajmer is the most sacred of all Muslim Places of pilgrimage in India. In 1193, After Prithviraj Chauhan had lost Ajmer to Sultan Mohammed of Ghori, The Persiam saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, who had come with Ghori, settled and preached here.

The tomb attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrimage every year on the anniversary of the saint's death, the Urs, in the 7th month of the lunar calendar. Sweetened rice filled in degs are served to devotees on Urs.

By train (Air conditioned – Gareeb Rath Express) AC/ Non AC – as per your conveniene

Hotel Ashrafi guest house at phool gali near Buland Darwaza of Durgah Shareef..

Facilities :- -
• Neet & Clean guest house & Room's.
• Attached Bathroom
• Budget food.



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